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About RWPF

JT Studio floors are Real Wide Plank Floors

As a manufacturer here in the U.S.A., JT Studio offers wide plank flooring directly to retail customers, contractors, designers and others in the trade throughout the United States. Because we are the manufacturer, we can do so much more than a typical floor store that sells products via middle-men, such as brokers and distributers. The bottom line is we can offer a quality product at a much-reduced price.


JT Studio is housed in an 8,000 square foot state of the art facility located in historic Sopchoppy, Florida, just south of Tallahassee. Each element of our floors and every step in the process of production have been carefully thought through to optimize quality, beauty and a healthy environment. 

real+wide+plank+flooring+factory.jpgfactory2.jpg18-22-wide-peruvian-walnut-flooring-plank.jpgthat's an 18" peruvian walnut plank. year 2013

Our factory was designed with environmental stewardship in mind. Naturally, efficiency and safety follow. In line with not being wasteful, our sawdust does not end up in a landfill. It is repurposed for other products and uses.

peruvian-walnut.jpg certified+forest.jpg

We buy only sustainable, renewable lumber from certified forests. Most of our suppliers have been in business for over a century. We can trace our wood back to its source and in some instances, we even know the actual foresters and workers every step of the way to us. We have enjoyed excellent relationships with our suppliers for over 15 years. JT Studio Real Wide Plank Floors are not only artful and functional, but are also environmentally thoughtful, reflecting a conscious intention to care for the environment and those who live and work in that environment. 

2006-20wideipeflringplank-1.jpg-.jpgthat's a 20 inch wide ipe plank! year 2006  guitar-on-bubinga-floor-finished-with-odie-s-.jpg

 Our floors have been installed successfully all over the US, from frigid Alaska and Vermont to humid Hawaii and Florida to the high desert regions of Colorado.  They are comfortable in any environment.  white+oak+real+wide+plank+flooring.jpg

We only recommend and supply Odie's Oil finishes to finish our wide plank floors. Odie's Oil is an non-toxic, solvent free wood finish and wood stabilizer.  Odie's Oil will increase the stability, beauty and longevity of your floor. When finished with Odie's Oil, your floor will actually get better with age. JT Studio offers floors that become permanent heirlooms and treasures, meant to stand the test of time and use. We only recommend and supply Odie's Oil to finish our floors for this reason. Other floors never look as good as the day they are installed; but our floors, finished with Odie's Oil, look better and better as they age. Designed to be lived on, our floors look more beautiful as they gracefully patina, dents and scratches becoming part of the beauty and individuality of each floor, unlike other floors, which reveal their artificial coatings with each scratch.  Get a real wide plank floor...and make it a JT Studio Real Wide Plank Floor!

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